Collected Works of Watchman Nee
Set Two


The Christian (1934 — 1940)

Waste and Pragmatism — Man’s Only Sin — Two Stories — Confession — Salvation by Baptism — Baptism and Salvation — The Food of God’s People — Rising Up Early — Five Parables concerning Things New and Old (1 & 2) — God Interrupting Man’s Speaking — Leaking and Drifting.


The Assembly Life:

Authority in the Church — The Practice of Fellowship — How to Meet — The Boundary of the Local Assembly.

The Prayer Ministry of the Church:

The Prayer Ministry of the Church — “Pray in This Way” — In the Name of the Lord Jesus-God’s Commitment — The Prayer of Authority — Watch and Pray.


The Song of Songs:

The Initial Pursuit and Satisfaction — The Call for Deliverance from Self — The Call for Ascension — The Call of the Cross after Resurrection — The Works of God — The Groaning of the Flesh.



The Overcoming Life

Our Experience — The Christian Life as Revealed in the Bible — The Characteristics of the Overcoming Life — How to Experience the Overcoming Life (1 & 2) — Surrendering — Believing — The Proving of Faith —Growth — The Tone of Victory — Consecration.


Collection of Newsletters (1)


Collection of Newsletters (2) & Brother Nee’s Testimony

The First Testimony—Salvation and Calling — Second and Third Testimonies — Appendix: A Letter Form Watchman Nee to the Compiler.


The Normal Christian Faith

Section One: Christ and God — The Search for God — The Word of God — God Becoming Man (l & 2).
Section Two: Christ and Christianity — Christ Versus Doctrines — Christ-The Basis of Our Doctrine — The Two Corporate Men — Christ as Our Life.
Section Three: Christ and the New Life — Forgiveness of Sins — The Crucifixion of Sinners with Christ — Christ as Life in the Spirit — Life through Faith.
Section Four: Christ and the Christian — The Meaning of Faith — A Life of Faith — Towards the World
Appendices — Towards the Church — There is a God.


The Gospel of God (1)

Sin, Sins, and the Sinner — God’s Love, Grace, and Mercy — The Nature of Grace — The Function of the Law — God’s Righteousness — The Work of Christ - Redemption — The Work of Christ - Resurrection Because of Our Justification — The Work of the Holy Spirit - Enlightening and Fellowship — The Way Of Salvation - Faith versus Law and Work — The Relationship between Faith and Work in James 2 — The Way of Salvation - Faith versus Repentance — The Way of Salvation - Not Being Confession or Prayer — The Way of Salvation - Faith versus Loving God or Being Baptized — The Way of Salvation - Faith.


The Gospel of God (2)

Salvation Being Eternal - Positive Reasons (1 & 2) —Salvation Being Eternal - Arguments against It (1  - 3) — How God Deals with the Believers’ Sins - Discipline and Reward — How God Deals with the Believers’ Sins - The Qualifications for Entering into the Kingdom of the Heavens — How God Deals with the Believers’ Sins - Discipline in the Kingdom (1 & 2) — How God Deals with the Believers’ Sins - The Gehenna of Fire in the Kingdom — How God Deals with the Believers’ Sins - Cleansing and Confession — How God Deals with the Believers’ Sins — Foot-washing.


Normal Christian Church Life

The Apostles — The Separation and Movements of the Apostles — The Elders Appointed by the Apostles — The Churches Founded by the Apostles — The Basis of Union and Division — The Work and the Churches — Among the Workers — The Question of Finance — The Organization of Local Churches.


The Open Door (1)


The Open Door (2)


The Normal Christian Life

The Blood of Christ — The Cross of Christ — The Path of Progress: Knowing — The Path of Progress: Reckoning — The Divide of the Cross — The Path of Progress: Presenting Ourselves to God — The Eternal Purpose —The Holy Spirit — The Meaning and Value of Romans 7 — The Path of Progress: Walking in the Spirit — One Body in Christ — The Cross and the Soul Life — The Path of Progress: Bearing the Cross — The Goal of the Gospel.


The Glorious Church

The Glorious Church — God’s Plan and God’s Rest — The Type of Eve — The Body of Christ and the Bride of Christ — “And She Brought Forth…A Man - Child” — The Holy City, New Jerusalem — Appendix: The Overcomers and God’s Dispensational Moves.
The Vision of the Glorious Christ


The God of Abraham, Isaac, and

The Calling of Abraham — Abraham and the Land of Canaan — Abraham and His Son (1 — 3) — The Characteristics of Isaac — Isaac in the New Testament — God’s Provisions in Christ — Jacob’s Nature and the Discipline He Received — The Breaking of Jacob’s Natural Life — The Maturity of Jacob — The Constitution of the Spirit.


Central Messages

The Overcoming Life — A Two Sided Truth — A Prayer for Revelation.
Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life — Christ is the Way the Truth and the Life — Christ Is the Resurrection and the Life — Christ Is the Bread of Life and the Light of Life — Christ Is the “I Am” — Christ Is the Rock of the Church.
Christ is All Spiritual Matters and Thing’s — Christ’s Is God’s Matters and Things — Christ Only - Not Matters or Things.
Christ Becoming Our Wisdom.
Christ is Our Righteousness — The Righteousness of God — Christ Becoming Our Righteousness — We Are the Righteousness of God.
The Holy Spirit and Reality — The Holy Spirit and Reality — Appendix: Obsession and God’s Light.


General Messages (1)

Two Kinds of Knowledge of the Lord - That Which is according to the Flesh and That Which Is according to the Spirit — Blessings That Can Be Enjoyed Today — God’s Keeping Power — Putting on the Helmet of Salvation — Three Main Principles of Our Living in the Body of Christ — The Function of the Anointing — Deep Calls unto Deep — Two Kinds of Offerings — Idle Words Leaking Life — A Poor Man — The Principle of Praying Three Times — The Guidance of the Holy Spirit in the Church Meetings — Heart and Light — The Opening of God’s Word Gives Light — The Basis of Fellowship with God and of Receiving Light from Him - The Mercy Seat and the Cherubim — The Life of the Altar and the Tent — The Cross and the Wine Mingled with Gall — The Washing of Feet — In Rest Shall Be Your Strength — The Continuation of the Book of Acts — The Seed of God — He Has Filled the Hungry with Good Things — Spiritual Progress — The Truth Shall Set You Free — The Dividing of the Soul from the Spirit — Fear and Godliness — The Condition of Our Heart — God Needing Man — Learning by Working — Serving God in the Spirit — God’s Will and Man’s Wish — A Deeper Joy — The Ark - The Center of the Tabernacle — He Is Not Who Is One Outwardly, But Who Is One Inwardly — Life and Feeling — The Feeling of the Body of Christ — Pleasing the Lord.


General Messages (2)

The Man of God and the Old Prophet — The Work of God — Learning the Lessons in Our Service — Prayer and God’s Work — Watch and Be Sober — Miracles Are Spontaneous — Let the Word of God Dwell Richly in Your Heart Richly — Numbering Our Days — The Testimony of God — The Testimony of the Lord Jesus before the High Priest and Pontius Pilate — The Testimony of Jesus — According to the Pattern God Has Shown on the Mount —Burden and Prayer — The Key to Prayer — Satan’s Wearing-Out Work — Words —The Protection, Restriction, and Supply in the Body of Christ — Holding the Head — The Breastplate of Judgment — Living by the Law of Life — God Speaking through the Environment — Praying According to God’s Desire — Questions and Answers Concerning Prayer — Measure and Flow — Not Losing Our Temper — The Law in the Body of Christ — Serving as Members — The Function and Harmony of the Members — Life in the Depths — The Normal Marriage Life — A Perfect Family Life — Exposition of Romans 5:12-8:39.


Sit. Walk, Stand:


Love Not the World:

The Mind behind the System — The Trend away from God — A World under Water — Crucified unto Me — Distinctiveness — Lights in the World — Detachment — Mutual Refreshing — My Laws in Their Hearts — The Powers of the Age to Come — Robbing the Usurper.


What Shall This Man Do?

God’s Skilled Craftsmen — Peter - And the Way — Catching Men — Paul - And the Life — God’s Sure Foundation — A Glorious Church — Building in Love — Ministering Life — Gathered in the Name — John - And the Truth — He That Overcometh.


Conferences, Messages, and Fellowship (1)

Section One: Messages and Fellowship Given in Foochow in 1934: Deliverance from Sin and Deliverance from the Law — Life and Light — Private Talks (1) — General Spiritual Topics — Private Talks (2) — On Biblical Exposition — Private Talks (3) — On the Practice of the Church Life — Private Talks (4) — On the Assembly in Foochow and on Division.
Section Two: Fellowship in Various Places in 1934: Keys to Studying the Bible — The Excommunication of a Worker — The Way to Work.
Section Three: Overcomer Conference in Chuenchow, November 1935: He Fills the Hungry with Good Things — The Overcoming Life — How to Experience Christ as the Overcoming Life —A Believers Relationship with Christ — What Is Faith — Consecration — The Guarding of the Overcoming Life — Temptations, Failures, and Progress in an Overcoming Life — A Word of Explanation concerning the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit — The Conditions for Receiving the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and Things to Watch Out For — The Manifestations and Evidences of the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit — The Tone of an Overcoming Life — The Holy Spirit and the Law — Talks (1 — 3) — Being Beside Ourselves to God — A Report on the Various Regions of Work in China — Gifts, Ministries, and Operations.


Conferences, Messages, and Fellowship (2)

Section Four: Conference in Amoy, October 1936: Foot-washing (1 & 2) — The New Testament Prophet — The Foremost Condition in Spiritual Progress — How to Know God’s Will — On Assuming Headship in the Family — Knowing Christ and the Power of His Resurrection — Talks (1 & 2) — The Flesh and Work of God — In Christ — In Adam and in Christ — Absolute Obedience — The Subjective Aspect of Being in Christ — The Iniquity of the Sanctuary — The Resurrection of Christ — Co-workers’ Meeting—How to Be in Christ.
Section Five: Conference in Foochow, December 1936: Talks (l - 4) — God’s Way of Accomplishing His Purpose in Creating Man (1 & 2) — The Blood of Christ — The Cross of Christ — The Life-Releasing Death of Christ — Man-Made Victory — The Characteristics of the Overcoming Life — Brief Exposition on the Sections of Ephesians — How to Experience the Overcoming Life (1 & 2) — Taking Up Our Cross.


Conferences, Messages, and Fellowship (3)

Section Six: Meetings In Canton, April 1937:The Revelation of Jesus Christ — God Interrupting Man’s Speaking — Man, Sinner, Sin, and Sins — God’s Love, Mercy, Grace, and Righteousness.
Section Seven: Fellowship with Co-workers in Shanghai, June 1937: The Expression and Practice of the Testimony of the Local Church — A Talk With Brother Nee at His Farewell Dinner Prior to His Trip Overseas.
Section Eight: Conference in Singapore, August 1937: Forgiveness and Justification — The Death and Resurrection of Christ (1 & 2) — Reckoning — A Living Faith — The Revelation on the Mountain —God’s Way of Accomplishing His Purpose (1 & 2) — The Overcoming Life — The Way to Overcome.
Section Nine: Conference in Penang, April 1938: God Is Light — The Mind of Christ Jesus (1 & 2) — Learning the Lesson of the Cross — Five Kinds of Forgiveness.
Section Ten: A Message Given in Shanghai, 1938: Concerning Material Offering.


Conferences, Messages, and Fellowship (4)

Section Eleven: Conference on God’s Eternal Plan:Introduction — Prayers That Express God’s Will — What Is God’s Eternal Will — The Son of God and the Christ — The Rebellion of the Angels — God’s Purpose in Creating Man — The Fall of Man — The Work of Christ — The Organization, Goal, and Methods of Satan’s Kingdom —  The Position and Responsibility of the Church.
Section Twelve: Conference on the Mystery of Christ: The Mystery of Christ — The Body of Christ — The Difference Between Being a Believer and Being a Member — The Supply of the Body — The Protection, Limitation, and Ministry of the Body — The Authority in the Body — The Anointing of the Body — The Order of the Body — The Principle of the Body — The Riches in the Body — The Ministry in the Body.
Section Thirteen: Shanghai Messages of 1939: A Ministry That Supplies Life — The Power of the Christian Life — The Principles of the Christian Life — Being Weak in the Lord — Loving Not Our Own Life (For Those Who Have Many Sicknesses — God’s Light and Self-Analysis — The Warfare of Life.
Section Fourteen: Shanghai Messages of 1940: The Attack on the Church — The Will and the Law of Life — A Foretaste of the Powers of the Age to Come — Obsession and Light — Possession, Obsession, and Light of God — The Symptoms of Obsession and Causes for Obsession — A Proper Person in God’s Word — God’s Two Firm Foundations — Wine Mingled with Gall — God’s Inheritance - The Riches of Christ.


Conferences, Messages, and Fellowship (5) (Notes by K.H. Weigh

Section Fourteen: Shanghai Messages of 1940:Abraham Begetting Isaac by Faith — The Testing of Abraham in His Offering Up Isaac — God’s Purpose in Choosing Abraham — Isaac and the God of Isaac — The Gift of Christ and the Discipline of the Holy Spirit — Jacob and His Trials — The Way to Discern — The Difference Between the Natural Life, the Old Man, and the Fruit of the Holy Spirit — The Priestly Ministry — A Talk to Those Who Are about to Be Baptized — Talks (1 - 5) — The Initial Manifestations of the Sons of God — The Law of Life — World Wars and the Church — The Lord’s Word Being Spirit and Life — The Discovery of a Law — Christ Our Righteousness — Christ Our Righteousness, Sanctification, and Redemption — Poverty and Riches — Christ Being God’s Things and Matters —  Serving God in Holiness and Righteousness — A Talk with New Believers on Consecration — God’s Will and the Lord’s Will — Consecration leading to the Knowledge of God’s Will — A Talk with the Co-workers - Man Speaking God’s Word — God Speaking through the Bush.
Section Fifteen: Messages and Fellowship Given in 1941: God’s Eternal Plan — The Dividing of the Soul and the Spirit and the Word of God — A Spiritual Discernment of Good and Evil — A Talk — The Verdict of Death (1 & 2).


Conferences, Messages, and Fellowship (6)

Section Sixteen: Miscellaneous Messages and FellowshipGod’s Christ and the Things of God — Christ in the Law, Psalms, and Prophets — Spiritual Reality - Three Views — The Work of the Spirit — Light and Knowledge (Light versus Knowledge) — The Place Of Women — Anointing in Relation to Ministry — Enduement — Law in Romans and Galatians — The Christian’s Relationship to the Law — Free from Law — The Lord’s Prayer — The Hannah Ministry — God’s Eternal Purpose —Romans 12 — God’s Building — Paul and Agabus (Guidance) — Priestly Ministry —  “The Joy of the Lord Is Your Strength” — The Faith of God — Faith — The Cup — Separation from the Wooden and Earthen Vessels —  The Limitations of God — The Offense of the Lord — Fellow Workers — God’s Ways — The Two Wills of God — The Will of God — The Suppression of Affections — The Present Will of God — Conformity — The Four Aspects of the Lord’s Death — Four Kinds of Discipline — Five Kinds of Forgiveness — Exposition on Luke 17:20-37 —  Romans 14:1-15:7 — Hosea 15:5-8 — The Book of the Revelation — Revelation 1:9 — Worship — Prayer.

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