Collected Works of Watchman Nee
Set Three


The Orthodoxy of the Church:

The Church in Ephesus — The Church in Smyrna — The Church in Pergamos — The Church in Thyatira — The Church in Sardis — The Church in Philadelphia — The Church in Laodicea.

Authority and Submission:

Part One: Authority and Submission: The Importance of Authority — Examples of Rebellion in the Old Testament (1 & 2) — David’s Knowledge of Authority — The Son’s Submission — How God Establishes His Kingdom — God Intends that Man Submit to Representative Authority — Authority in the Body — The Manifestation of Man’s Rebellion (1 & 2) — The Proper Limit of Submission to Authority.

Part Two: How to be God’s Deputy Authority: The Kind of Person God Uses to be His Deputy Authority — The Basis of God’s Deputy Authority — Revelation — The Character of God’s Deputy Authority - Gracious to Others — The Basis of God’s Deputy Authority — Resurrection — The Misuse of Deputy Authority and God’s Governmental Judgment — The Need for a Deputy Authority to Submit to Authority — The Life and Heart of a Deputy Authority — The Need of a Deputy Authority to Sanctify Himself — The Requirements of a Deputy Authority.


Messages for Building Up New Believers (1)

Concerning the Meeting for the Building Up of New Believers

Messages For Building Up New Believers: Baptism — Terminating the Past — Consecration — Confession with the Mouth — Separation from the World — Joining the Church — The Laying on of Hands — Abolishing all Distinctions — Reading the Bible — Prayer — Early Rising — Meeting — Various Kinds of Meetings — The Lord’s Day — Hymn Singing — Praising — Bread - Breaking.


Messages for Building Up New Believers (2)

Witnessing — Leading Men to Christ — Household Salvation — If Anyone Sins — Confession and Recompense — Forgiveness and Restoration — Believers’ Reactions — Deliverance — Our Life — Seeking God’s Will — Managing One’s Finances — Occupation — Marriage — Choosing a Mate — Husband and Wife — Parents — Friends.


Messages for Building Up New Believers (3)

Recreation — Words — Clothing and Food — Asceticism — Illness — Governmental Forgiveness — The Discipline of God — The Discipline of the Holy Spirit — Withstanding the Devil — Head Covering — The Pathway of the Church — Oneness — Loving the Brothers — The Priesthood — The Body of Christ — The Authority of the Church — Appendices: A Flexible Life — Expecting the Lord’s Return — Selling All — Identifying Heresies.


Church Affairs

The Offices in the Church — The Priestly Service — The Levitical Service — The Ministers of the Word in the Church — The Different Kinds of Meetings in the Church — The Affairs of the Service Office — District Meetings — The Arrangement of the Local Church at the Center of the Work — The Relationship Between the Local Church, the Work, and the Apostles — The Coordination Among the Workers — Who Our Co-Workers Are and Who the Apostles Are — The Matter of Finances — Answer to Questions.


The Character of the Lord’s Worker

A Good Listener — A Lover of Men — Having a Mind to Suffer — Buffeting the Body and Making it a Slave — Diligent — Restrained in Speaking — Stable — Not Subjective — Towards Money — A Few Other Matters.


The Ministry of God’s Word

Section One: The Minister: Three Kinds of Ministers — The Content of the Word and the Transmitting of the Word — Paul’s Course and His Ministry — The Highest Point in the Ministry of the Word.
Section Two: The Word of God: The Basis of the Word — Interpretation by the Holy Spirit — The Revelation of the Holy Spirit — Christ as God’s Word — Knowing God’s Word through Christ.
Section Three: The Ministry: The Basis of Ministry — Revelation and Thoughts — Burden and Word — The Spirit’s Discipline and the Word — The Word and Our Memory — The Word and Our Feelings — The Word and the Release of the Spirit — A Few Things to Pay Attention to in Our Speaking.
Section Four: The Audience: The Audience of the Word.


How to Study the Bible:

Section One: Preparing the Person: Three Prerequisites — Entering into Three Things Related to the Holy Spirit.

Section II: Methods of Studying the Bible: Keys to Studying the Bible — The Practice of Studying the Bible — Various Plans for Studying the Bible.

The Breaking of the Outer Man and the Release of the Spirit:

The Importance of Breaking — Before and After the Breaking — Things in the Hands — How to Know Men — The Church and the Word of God — Breaking and Discipline — Separation and Revelation — Impression and the Condition of the Spirit — Pliableness after the Breaking.


The Ministers: Issue Nos. 1 — 4.
The Open Door: Issue Nos. 20 — 21.


The Open Door: Issue Nos. 23 & 24.
The Present Testimony: Issue No. 37 - 39.


The Resumption of Watchman Nee’s Ministry

Section One: Talks in Foochow, September 1947:The Mercy of God — On Not Being Stumbled.
Section Two: Messages in Shanghai, April - May 1948: The Way of Our Service Today and Its Crucial Points — The Recovery of the Body and the Authority of the Ministry — The Way of the Church — God’s Work of Recovery (1 & 2) — Testimonies of Co-Workers and Comments — The Whole Body Serving and the Recovery of Authority — The Leading of the Body and the Whole Body Serving — The Treasure in the Earthen Vessel and the Principle of Jerusalem — The Absoluteness of the Truth and the Relationship Between the Body and Its Members — The Body in 1 Corinthians 12 and the Way of the Work — Money and Occupations — The Desolation of the Church and the Advance of the Church — Dealing with Mammon and Serving God — Fellowship and Exhortations — The Service of the Whole Body — Things that a Co-worker Should Pay Attention To — The Whole Body Serving — Deliverance from Mammon and Ministry and Authority — The Exercise of Authority in the Body and the Body — Consciousness — Voluntary Poverty and Submission to Authority — Brother Nee’s Word of Farewell to Brother K. H. Weigh — Brokenness and Ministry — Report on the Work (1 & 2) — A Prayer for the Gospel — A Talk with Those who are Engaged in Business — Testimonies by the Saints and Words of Exhortation — The Relationship between the Church and the Work, the Meaning and Authority of the Church, and Identification with the Church.


Spiritual Judgment and Examples of Judgment

Spiritual Judgment - Principles and Qualifications for Judgment — Spiritual Judgment - Exercising the Spirit — Spiritual Judgment - The Basis of Diagnosis and Judgment — Spiritual Judgment — Healing — Examples of Spiritual Judgment (1 - 66).


Miscellaneous Records of the Kuling Training (1)

An Introduction to the First Term of the Kuling Training — The Breaking of the Outer Man and the Exercise of the Spirit (1 - 4) — Question-and-Answer Session (1) — How to Dispose of One’s Proceeds After He Has Sold All — Mammon — A Prayer for North China and Manchuria — Resurrection, the Holy Spirit, and the Church (1 & 2) — The Principle of Authority — Examples of Rebellion in the Old Testament — The System of Authority God has Ordained — God’s Authority in the Church — The Relationship between Submission and Speaking — The Ultimate Expression of God’s Authority - The Body of Christ — God’s Desire for Man to Submit to Deputy Authority — The Name of Jesus and How It is Related to Authority — The Condition for Being an Authority — Submission — The Relationship between Reason and Obedience — The Relationship between Thoughts and Submission — Questions Concerning Submission and Authority.


Miscellaneous Record of the Kuling Training (2)

Question-and-Answer Session (2 - 7) — How to Preach the Gospel (1 - 9) — A Few Things that a Worker of the Lord Should Remember — The Work in Kuling and the Word throughout China — How to Manage Affairs — Record of a Talk — Fellowship at the Conclusion of the Training — A Talk with the Co-Workers — A Change of Concept Concerning Value — Dealing with Temper — How to Distribute Tracts — Forgiving our Brother — A Christian and His Country — Waiting for the Lord’s Return — Martyrdom — On Knowing Roman Catholicism — The Judaizers (1 - 3) — The Teachings of Jezebel — A Fellowship Concerning the Work.


Matured Leadings in the Lord’s Recovery (1)

Talks with Co-Workers from Hong Kong and Canton, August 1949 and November 21, 1949: A Talk with Co-Workers from Hong Kong and Canton (1 - 4) — A Private Talk with Brother K. H. Weigh — Forsaking Everything for the Gospel’s Sake.

Meetings, Conferences, and Private Fellowships, February 2 - March 11, 1950: A Talk with Co-Workers (1) — A Special Talk on Handing Oneself Over — Forsaking Everything to Serve God — The Relationship between Handing Oneself Over and the Building up of the Body of Christ — A Talk with Co-Workers — Handing Ourselves over for the Preaching of the Gospel by the Whole Body — How to Handle the Items that Have Been Handed Over — A Fellowship with Young Brothers and Sisters — A Fellowship with the Working Saints — Consecration as Revealed in Romans 12 — A Fellowship Concerning Handing Oneself Over in an Absolute Way — A Sign Before the Lord’s Coming — Appointment of Elders — Fellowship Concerning Service (1 & 2).


Matured Leadings in the Lord’s Recovery (2)

The Recovery of the Church According to the Pattern on the Mountain — The Character and Work of the Elders and the Way To Serve Today — Fellowship Concerning Service (3 & 4) — A Talk by Watchman Nee After a Meeting on Studying the Bible — Demonstration on How to Conduct a Bible Study — On Knowing the Principle of God’s Work — The Christian Pathway — The Whole Church Serving — Fellowship Concerning Service (5 - 9) — The Genuine Service — Spiritual Consciousness — Spiritual Feelings — The Spirit of the Gospel and the Gospel of the Church — Visitation and Fellowship — The Quality of the Spirit (1 & 2) — A Report on the Gospel Migration to Yi-Yang — The Salvation of God (1 & 2).

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