Collected Works of Watchman Nee
Set One


The Christian Life and Warfare

A Short Introduction in Memory of Brother Watchman Nee by Witness Lee — Word of Explanation by the Editors — The Distinction Between the Spirit, the Soul, and the Body — The Flesh — The Soul Life — Fact, Faith, and Experience — Living by Faith (Selected) — How to Seek After God’s Will — The Freedom of the Cross — The Prayer that Opposes Satan — The Tempter and the Tempted — Appendices — Photographic Reproductions of Selected Publications From Watchman Nee’s Early Ministry


The Word of the Cross

The Word of the Cross — The Messenger of the Cross — Walking in God’s Will — How to Know God’s Will — Where is Heaven? — Universal Fatherhood: A Fallacy — A Preface to Modern Science and the Long Day in Joshua — Is the Higher Criticsm of Modern Theology Believable? — Bible Studies for Beginners — Once A Year Through the Bible.


The Christian (1)

Introduction to The Christian

Meditations on Genesis: Genesis and Geology — The Original World and the Cause of Its Desolation — The Recovery of the Earth in Sixth Days — The Creation and the Christian Experience — The Creation and the Holy Works of Christ — The Story of Creation and the Truth Concerning the Dispensations.

Meditations on Revelation (VOL.1):A Synopsis of The Book of Revelation.


The Christian (2)

Meditations on Revelation (VOL. 2):“The Things Which You Have Seen” — “ Things Which Are”.


The Christian (3)

Meditations on Revelation (VOL. 3): “The Things Which Are (cont.)”.


The Christian (4)

Gospel Messages:Peace With God — Can Morality Save Us — The Suffering of the Cross — The Lamb of the Passover — Why Good Men Go to Hell — The Robber Saved — The Paths to Hell.
Spiritual Teachings:Assurance of Salvation — The Time of the Cross-The Timelessness of the Cross — The Two Natures-A Talk With Young Believers — The Messenger of the Cross — Honesty, Deception, and Spiritual Knowledge — Calmness of the Mind — Borrowed Spiritual Experience — How to be Without Want — The Source of Faith — Faith in Practice — Essentials and Nonessentials — Talks on Faith — Bribing the Conscience — Condescension of the Lord Jesus.


The Christian (5)

Stories — Signs of the Times (1 - 10) — Question and Answer Box (1 - 10) — Twelve Baskets Full (1 - 5) — Notes From My Bible (1 - 4) — Fillers — Editorials and Announcements — Book Reviews — A List of the Table of Contents for The Christian.


The Present Testimony (1)

A Word of Explanation — An Open Letter — What is Prayer — The End of the Age and the Kingdom — The Dawn of Revival — Man’s First Sin — Knowing the Self — Faith — Sin and the Body — Issue of The Present Testimony — The Presenting of the Body — Additional Word to the Article “The Faith of Abraham” — A Letter[s] on Behalf of the Editor — A Personal Letter[s] — Galatians 5:24 — Spiritual or Mental — One Died for All, Therefore All Died — The War Between the New and the Old — The Extent of the Believer’s Salvation — Resurrection and Regeneration — The Bride of Christ — The Overcoming Life — The Foremost Condition in the Spiritual Life — Two Sides of a Most Glorious Truth — The Surrender of the Will — God’s Masterpiece — The Conscience of the Believers — Circumcision — Philippians 3:3.


The Present Testimony (2)

To My Dear Readers — Self-knowledge and God’s Light — Announcement for Our Second Conference — The Law of Sin and of Death — Jehovah — The Principle of Being the Second — An Open Letter[s] — The Pattern in the Mountain — Four Crucial Journeys — The New Covenant (1 - 7).


The Present Testimony (3)

An Open Letter[s] — A Soul At Rest — The Last Part of the Journey — In Christ — God’s Way of Redemption — Preface to The Latent Power of the Soul — The Latent Power of the Soul (1 -3) — An Announcement — The Way to Know God (1 - 2) — The Two Sides of the Truth — The Renewing of the Mind (1 - 2) — Faith and Obedience — The Power of Pressure — The Gate and the Way.


The Present Testimony (4)

A Letter Concerning the Third Overcomer Conference — The Meekest Man — An Open Letter — Watch and Pray — Living by Faith — Living by Faith and the Course of Entering into a Truth.

The Third Overcomer Conference:A Word of Explanation Concerning the Third Overcomer Conference — Announcement — Preparation Messages of the Third Overcamers Conference — God’s Center or The Centrality and Universality of God — The Overcomer of God — Ministering to the House or to God — Having Been Made Dead to the Law — A Shallow Life — What Are We? — Questons Related to the Workers — A List of the Table of Contents for The Present Testimony.


The Spiritual Man (1)

Section One: An Introduction Concerning the Spirit, The Soul, and the Body — The Spirit, the Soul, and the Body — The Spirit and the Soul — The Fall of Man — The Way of Salvation.

Section Two: The Flesh — The Flesh and Salvation — The Fleshly Christian — The Cross and the Holy Spirit — The Boastings of the Flesh — The Ultimate Attitude of the Believer Towards the Flesh.

Section Three: The Soul — The Way to Be Delivered From Sin and the Life of the Soul — The Experience of Soulish Believers — The Dangers of Soulish Loving — The Cross and the Soul — The Spiritual Believer and the Soul.


The Spiritual Man (2)

Section Four: The Spirit — The Holy Spirit and The Believer’s Spirit — A Spiritual Man — Spiritual Work — Prayer and Warfare.

Section Five: The Analysis of the Spirit — The Intuition, the Fellowship, and the Conscience — The Intuition — Fellowship — Conscience.

Section Six: Walking According to the Spirit — Dangers in the Spiritual Journey — The Laws of the Spirit — The Principle of the Mind Assisting the Spirit — The Proper Condition of the Spirit.

Section Seven: The Analysis of the Soul — The Emotion — The Believer and the Emotion — Love — Desires — A Life of Feeling — A Life of Faith.


The Spiritual Man (3)

Section Eight: The Analysis of the Soul — The Mind — The Mind A Battlefield — The Condition of a Passive Mind — The Way of Deliverance — The Law of the Mind.

Section Nine: The Analysis of the Soul — The Will — The Believer’s Will — Passivity and the Dangers of Passivity — The Misconception of the Believers — The Way to Freedom.

Section Ten: The Body — The Believer and His Body — Sickness — Gad as the Life of His Body — Overcoming Death.


Study on Matthew — Chapters 1-25 — The Rapture.


Study on Revelation

The Vision of the Glorious Christ — The Seven Churches — The Vision of the Throne — The Opening of the Seven Seals — The Sounding of the Seven Trumpets — Three-In-One Satan — The Firstfruits, The Harvest, and The Gathering of the Grapes — The Outpouring of the Seven Bowls — Babylon and Its Destruction — After the Millennium — The Final Warning.


Notes on Scriptural Messages (1)

The Passover (1 & 2) — Salvation of the Soul (1 – 3) — Gleaning From Enoch — A Believer’s Worth before God — Redeeming the Time — The Seal of the Holy Spirit — The Two Rests — The Power of Choosing — A Silent Testimony — Do You Know that You Are Saved — Anything to Eat? — A Message by the Brothers from Northern Kiangsu — The Meaning of Baptism — The Prodigal Son — The Reason the Lord was not Disappointed — The Lord’s Ministry — Our Lord’s Sanctifying Himself — A Few Words Concerning the Work in Shanghai — The Better Blood — The Love of Christ — Running the Race that is Set Before Us.


Notes on Scriptural Messages (2)

Mary — Remembering Christmas — “And Peter” — In Nothing Be Anxious — God is Willing — David and Mephibosheth — The Sympathy of the High Priest — Narration of the Past — Tell Him — The Mind of Christ — Judgment — Loving God — A Defeated Righteous Man — Four Things a Christian Should Pay Attention To — The Salvation of the Adulterous Woman — The Widow, the Wife, and the Virgin — God Searching Man — The Other Aspect of the Trespass Offering.


Notes on Scriptural Messages (3)

The Blood and a Worship that Draws Nigh to God — The Individual and the Corporate — The Four Ministers in the New Testament — The Numbering of Spiritual Days — Tears — The Rapture and the Tribulation (l - 4) — Forgiveness and Confession — The Power of Resurrection — A Noble Deed — The Pathway to Glory — Through Jerusalem — Announcement on the Discontinuation of Notes on Scriptural Messages and the Resumption of The Christian.


Questions and Answers on the Gospel

Concerning: Grace, Transgression and Iniquity, Romans 4:7-8, Romans 4:7 and Hebrews 9:26, The Purification of Sins, Leviticus 4:1-7, Sin and Sins, Grace and Righteousness, The Righteousness of God and Christ, Christ and Righteousness, Jesus’ Persecution, The Two Natures of Christ, Romans 5:18 — 19, Christ and the Law, The Law and Faith, Matthew 5:17, Galatians 3:21, Redemption, Romans 2:12, Believing in Resurrection, Resurrection and Salvation, 1 Corinthians 15:3 and 17, Believing in the Son of God, An Old Testament Miracle, The Christian’s Nature, Romans 5:9 and 4:25, Christ’s Crucifixion, John 19:30 and Colossians 1:24, Christ’s Death, 2 Corinthians 5:21, Objective and Subjective Union, Our Position in Christ, The Time of Our Crucifixion, The Blood and the Cross, Believing and Perishing, John 12:1 — 13 and Revelation 22:17, Luke 10:25 — 37, Luke 16, Romans 4 and James 2, The Three Parable in Luke 15, Christ and the Holy Spirit, Reconciliation, The Requirements for Salvation, The Unpardonable Sin, Falling from Grace, Hebrews 6:4 — 8, Hebrews 10:26, Different Kinds of Forgiveness, Different Kinds of Salvation, Sanctification.

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